Steep hill with maple tubingPart of our maple bush is very steep. Okay, well, it’s vertical near the top of the Niagara Escarpment before it levels out.  This change in elevation is perfect for sap collection. As sap flows down the hill a natural vacuum is created inside the tubing thereby increasing the volume of sap we are able to collect. We don’t have to pay for, maintain, or listen to a vacuum pump like many maple syrup operations do.

Working on the side of the hill is very challenging. I use ropes in a couple of places and often wear crampons to give me a grip. All that said, it’s a beautiful environment and a joy to work in, as long as I remember to smell the roses and take time to look at the beauty around me. I can see Georgian Bay from many vantage points and the rocks above are awesome, even if some of them are a little intimidating! Today was made even more special as a Pileated Woodpecker came by. He rapped on a few tress, made his unique squawk noise a few times and flew off. Unfortunately, he didn’t stick around long enough for a photo.

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